Note: As of 22nd July 2013 there has been no list as to what goals were categorized under the Treasured Elements so I have added all stoves since the Fire was released (that refer to Buck Bradshaw unless they had their own event specified) to be edited at some later stage if confirmation is given.
Note: There were no catering orders released with the Earth Stove (although they were given GID's).


Catering OrdersEdit




  • Fire 8x Ultra Stove
  • Water 8x Ultra Stove
  • Earth 8x Ultra Stove
  • Sunflower 8x Ultra Stove
  • Orchid 8x Ultra Stove
  • Daisy 8x Ultra Stove
  • Peacock 8x Ultra Stove
  • Macaw 8x Ultra Stove
  • Kingfisher 9x Ultra Stove
  • Amethyst 10x Ultra Stove
  • Sapphire 10x Ultra Stove
  • Topaz 10x Ultra Stove

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