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Cafe World Wiki: Project Cupcake, is mainly to get get an article for each recipe, equipment and special items, orders and gifts. Since the Wiki is very behind. This is very basic and even if there is missing information getting what we can is key.

Note: red (dead) links are articles needed. The lists may have typos or the article may exist under different/similar name.

Equipment Check ListEdit

(double check to make sure it doesn't exist under a different/similar name)

Special Items Check ListEdit

(double check to make sure it doesn't exist under a different/similar name)

Recipes Check ListEdit

New recipesEdit

Template: Infobox RecipeEdit

<onlyinclude>{{Infobox Recipe Transformer
|style = {{{style|}}}
|name             = 
|image            = 
|image2           = 
|image3           = 
|cost             = 
|servings         = 
|perserving       = 
|total            = 
|ready            = 
|preparation cp   = 
|serving cp       = 
|total cp         = 
|cuisine          = 
|lvl              = 
|limited edition  = 
|needs unlock     = 
|goal             = 
|order            = 


Acquired by completing the order: .


Acquired by completing: .



Acquired during the (event name here) - Limited Time.


Acquire through Grandma's Lost Recipes/purchasing the cafe expansion/free? at what level,etc

Is this cook/served for any order? Is this a high CP or coin earning dish? etc.

Add some fun trivia about this real life recipe, an error made about this recipe for preparation steps, etc

==See Also==
add links to similar dishes or other of this cuisine
links of the goals/orders/events/equipment used with this recipe

==External Links==

Gifts Check ListEdit

(note: may be retired dish or duplicate items)


Donauzze21 - Orders

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