Since September 17, 2010, you can now build your own Captain Super Stove. You need 50 parts normally. You can purchase all parts.

Captain Super Stove Requirements

  Item Number needed

to build

Cash needed to buy

a single part*

Afterburnergrillitem Afterburner Grills 12 2
Poly-Steel Plating Poly-Steel Plating 12 2
Carbon Chips Carbon Chips 12 2
Turbo Tech Knobs Turbo Tech Knobs 14 3

* is required to buy every single individual part of the Captain Super Stove.

For one week, the Captain Super Stove will grant one-click cooking to all your decorative stoves ! His power is depleted after a week but you can recharge him for only 20 Cash.

Captain Super Stove2

Associated Goals Edit

  1. One-Click Wonder
  2. Super Stove Refill
  3. Fire up the Super Stove

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