Customers sit in chairs while they eat. Only one chair per table is functional (in other words if you put more than one chair next to a single table, only one of them will ever get actually used).
  Name Cost Date Theme
Cash Coin
Coral ChairCoral Chair1 04/23/10
Brass Fish ChairBrass Fish Chair2 04/23/10
Treasure Chest BenchTreasure Chest Bench4 04/23/10
Jellyfish ChairJellyfish Chair 15,00004/23/10
Diamonds StoolDiamonds Stool 20,00004/08/10
Spades StoolSpades Stool1 04/08/10
Hearts StoolHearts Stool1 04/08/10
Clubs StoolClubs Stool1 04/08/10
Bunny ChairBunny Chair1 03/31/10
Purple SmoochPurple Smooch1 
Purple BoardsPurple Boards1 
Red Ski ChairRed Ski Chair1 
Purple Ski ChairPurple Ski Chair1 
Pink SmoochPink Smooch1 
Coconut ChairCoconut Chair1 03/04/10
Red Smooch ChairRed Smooch Chair1 
Happy Tiger BenchHappy Tiger Bench1 
Pop Shoppe StoolPop Shoppe Stool1 
Comfy Turtle ChairComfy Turtle Chair1 02/25/10
Round BarstoolRound Barstool1 
Spellbook Chair Spellbook Chair 1  03/17/10
Alien Orb ChairAlien Orb Chair2 04/1410¹
Basketball ChairBasketball Chair2 
Tiki BenchTiki Bench2 03/04/10
Helmet ChairHelmet Chair2 
Fancy Stone BenchFancy Stone Bench2 02/25/10
Tunnel of Love BoothTunnel of Love Booth2 
Red V BoothRed V Booth2 
Baseball ChairBaseball Chair2 
Ski Lift ChairSki Lift Chair3 
Ice Tier ChairIce Tier Chair3 
Fancy Gold ChairFancy Gold Chair5 
Black Egg ChairBlack Egg Chair6 04/1410¹
Simple ChairSimple Chair 250
Ming ChairMing Chair 350
Pine ChairPine Chair 400
Ciao ChairCiao Chair 450
Blue Avalon ChairBlue Avalon Chair 500
Mustard Avalon ChairMustard Avalon Chair 550
Red Avalon ChairRed Avalon Chair 600
Drive Thru ChairDrive Thru Chair 750
Dungeon ChairDungeon Chair 800
Heart ChairHeart Chair 900
50s Chair50s Chair 1,000
Drive Thru BoothDrive Thru Booth 1,500
Log Stump SeatLog Stump Seat 2,00002/25/10
Round Blue ChairRound Blue Chair 2,000
Bombay ChairBombay Chair 2,500
Fancy Ming StoolFancy Ming Stool 2,500
Red V Diner ChairRed V Diner Chair 3,000
Fancy Ming ChairFancy Ming Chair 3,000
Ciao BoothCiao Booth 4,000
Tiki ChairTiki Chair 4,00003/04/10
Gray MajesTIK ChairGray MajesTIK Chair 5,000
Pink Queen Anne ChairPink Queen Anne Chair 6,000
Blue MajesTIK ChairBlue MajesTIK Chair 7,500
Aegean ChairAegean Chair 12,000
Orange BoardsOrange Boards 12,000
Cupids ChairCupids Chair 15,000
Popcorn ChairPopcorn Chair 20,000
Green Stripes BoothGreen Stripes Booth 20,000
Fancy Red ChairFancy Red Chair 25,000
Pink Hot Rod BoothPink Hot Rod Booth 25,000
Blue Hot Rod BoothBlue Hot Rod Booth 25,000
Square BarstoolSquare Barstool 30,000
Green Egg ChairGreen Egg Chair 40,00004/14/10¹
Cupcake ChairCupcake Chair 5,00003/24/10
Hover ChairHover Chair2 04/14/10
All Eyes ChairAll Eyes Chair2 04/14/10
Black Marble ChairBlack Marble Chair 22,00005/06/10
Modern Orange ChairModern Orange Chair1 05/06/10
Wooden zZag ChairWooden zZag Chair2 05/06/10
Theatre ChairTheatre Chair2 05/13/10
Column ChairColumn Chair   17,000 05/27/10Angel
Flame BenchFlame Bench 3   05/27/10Angel
Studded Skull SeatStudded Skull Seat 2   05/27/10Angel
Anubis ChairAnubis Chair2 06/03/10
Gold Egyptian ChairGold Egyptian Chair2 06/03/10
Black Egyptian ChairBlack Egyptian Chair2 06/03/10
Inflate-a-ChairInflate-a-Chair 30,00006/10/10Playroom icon
Stereoscope ChairStereoscope Chair2 06/10/10Playroom icon
Taxi CabTaxi Cab2 06/18/10New York Icon
Police CarPolice Car1 06/18/10New York Icon
Japanese ChairJapanese Chair1 09/10/10Japanese Theme Icon
Equipale ChairEquipal Chair2 09/15/10Mexican Theme Icon
First Class Airplane Seat3 09/29/10Airport Theme Icon
Economy Airplane Seat1 09/29/10Airport Theme Icon


¹ indicates that the item was reintroduced on this date