Note: This is not available to everyone as of yet.

Cafe World's FAQ[1]Edit

Greetings chefs,

We are happy to introduce Chefs Circle!

Since this is a large feature, we will release it to a small population at first to make sure it works properly.

What is it?
Chefs Circle is a feature that enables you to play with other serious chefs you haven’t met yet!

Since this is a whole new kind of feature, let's talk about privacy first!

The Chefs Circle feature shows only your first name and your profile picture. Your personal information will not be available to other players within Chefs Circle, unless you choose to add them as a Facebook Friend. When you are only on a team in Chefs Circle, your team members will have a round frame around their profile picture, denoting they are only in your Chefs Circle, not real friends. You can visit their café, but you cannot send them feeds or requests unless you choose to add them as a friend.

If you decide to become friends with someone in Chefs Circle and choose the “Friend” option, a request will be sent to the other player inside Café World. If that player accepts, you will receive a regular Facebook friend request. If they decline, you can still play as a team in Café World Chefs Circle, without being Facebook Friends. You will not be able to send another friend request if they decline.


Now, onto CHEFS CIRCLE! Amelia will walk into your Café with a Chefs Circle logo above her head.


You may say yes or no to Amelia. If you say Yes, Your Chefs Circle will form.


You will place the chalkboard in your café to keep track of your circle.


When your Chefs Circle is ready, you see an announcement with images and names of your new team.


Otherwise you will see an announcement that the circle is forming.


You may also click Chefs Circle under Gifts and Social in the lower left menu.


Once you are in a Chefs Circle, you may leave and the Chefs Circle may repopulate with more players. If you are in a team and another player leaves, your team can continue and your Chefs Circle may repopulate with new players.

Here's the in-game tutorial:[2]


Leaving Chefs Circle: You or another chef:

Once you are in a Chefs Circle, you may leave and the Chefs Circle may repopulate with more players. If you are in a team and another player leaves, your team can continue and your Chefs Circle may repopulate with new players.

You will be asked to confirm whether you want to leave.

Note: Once you leave you cannot rejoin that specific Chefs Circle, but you could join a new Chefs Circle. You may not handpick your Chefs Circle.

Quest together:
The Chefs Circle feature will pick a quest to start working on together. You will see your progress and the team’s progress. The first person to finish the quest will receive the crown! (stars around your picture) After the team finishes, everyone receives the prize shown and you will see an announcement. Then you will move onto the next quest.

To help your circle, choose “Help” above their image to send them something they need for that quest. This item is a random item they need for that quest. If they have finished that quest, they will receive a special delivery. You may help each player once a day. If the players in the Chefs Circle don’t play for (5 days), they will have “zzz” under their image. You may click the “Wake up!” button to send an email to get them back in the game. (You will not see their email. The email will be sent through the game. Email addresses are not visible to other players through Chefs Circle.)

You can chat with your Chefs Circle in the Chefs Circle control panel. Ask for help, share tips or completion! Click in the lower part of the chat window to send a message to your Chefs Circle. We have a profanity filter in place, however, if you feel something in the chat is inappropriate and you will to report it, please choose “Report” next to that message. If you have questions about Chefs Circle, click the question mark on the top, right corner to view the FAQ, Replay the tutorial, Quit Chefs Circle, or Return to Dashboard.


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