Chicken Gyro and Fries
Chicken Gyro and Fries
  Level Unlocked at 23       
  Cost 45 Coin  
  Servings 22 Employee  
  Price per Serving 4 Coin  
  Total for all Servings 88 Coin  
  Ready in 10 mins Cooktime  
  Preparation CP 3 Cafe points  
  Serving CP 10 Cafe points  
  Total CP 13 Cafe points  
Chicken Gyro and Fries

Preparing the Dish Edit

MENU Step1. Step2. Step3.
Chickengyroandfries ChickenGyroAndFries-Step1 ChickenGyroAndFries-Step2 ChickenGyroAndFries-Step3
Chicken Gyro and Fries Marinade Chicken Shred Cucumber Slice Potatoes

Cooking the Dish Edit

Stage1. Stage2. Stage3. Finish! Spoiled!
ChickenGyroAndFries-Stage1 ChickenGyroAndFries-Stage2 ChickenGyroAndFries-Stage3 ChickenGyroAndFries-DoneCooking ChickenGyroAndFries-Spoiled
Mixing Tzatziki Sauce Grilling Chicken Stuffing Pita Completed Dish Spoiled Dish

Serving the DishEdit


Cooking MasteryEdit

Chicken Gyro and Fries Level1 Level2 Level3 Grand Total
Number 61 78 98 237
Coin 2,745 3,510 4,410 10,665
Time (dd hh:mm) 0 10:10 0 13:00 0 16:20 1 15:30
Cafe points 610 780 980 2,370
Reward +2 servings +1 Cafe points -0 00:01  

Events Edit

Event State Gift
Taste test chicken gyro and fries Taste Test


Events give 100 servings.

Chef special chicken gyro and fries (Someone) just made a few too many gyros in Cafe World!

(Someone)'s Chef's Special at (Somewhere) is Chicken Gyro and Fries today, but customers are on a no-carb diet! (Someone) is going to give 100 gyros to each of his/her friends before they go bad!

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