Customers enter and exit through doors.
  Name Cost Date Theme
Cash Coin
Simple DoorSimple Door FREE
Blue Neon DoorBlue Neon Door1 05/06/10
Wide Whale DoorWide Whale Door3 04/23/10
Alien Spore DoorAlien Spore Door5 04/14/10
Grand Casino DoorGrand Casino Door2 04/08/10
Castle Keep DoorCastle Keep Door1 3/18/2010
Wizards DoorWizards Door1 3/18/2010
Tiki Shield DoorTiki Shield Door2 
Dark Chocolate DoorDark Chocolate Door 15,0003/24/2010
Bombay DoorBombay Door 1,100
Green DoorGreen Door 5,000
White DoorWhite Door 7,500
Armored DoorArmored Door 10,000
Lovely DoorLovely Door 10,000
Light Stone Arch DoorLight Stone Arch Door 12,500
Classy DoorClassy Door 15,000
Stone and Bone DoorStone and Bone Door 15,000
Red Lacquered DoorRed Lacquered Door 16,500
Cozy DoorCozy Door 18,000
Sturdy DoorSturdy Door 20,000
Dungeon DoorDungeon Door 21,000
Holiday DoorHoliday Door 24,000
Robo DoorRobo Door 25,000
Stage EntranceStage Entrance2 05/13/10
On Set ExitOn Set Exit 14,00005/13/10
Automated EntranceAutomated Entrance2 05/20/10
Black DoorBlack Door3 05/27/10
Elegant Palace DoorElegant Palace Door3 05/27/10 Angel
Studded Skull DoorStudded Skull Door6 05/27/10 Angel
Egyptian Tomb DoorEgyptian Tomb Door3 06/03/10
Toy Blocks DoorToy Blocks Door2 06/16/10 Playroom icon
Subway TurnstileSubway Turnstile1 06/18/10 New York Icon
Airplane Door3 09/29/10 Airport Theme Icon
Metal Detector2 09/29/10 Airport Theme Icon

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