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Farmville Collectibles were released starting on 19th March, 2010. There is one limited edition collectible available each day.

Collectible Date
FV MiniBarn Mini-Barn 03/19/2010
FV Scarecrow Scarecrow 03/20/2010
FV FVguy FV Guy 03/21/2010
FV LonelyCow Lonely Cow 03/22/2010
FV MiniChickenCoop Mini-Chicken Coop 03/23/2010
FV MiniVilla Mini-Villa 03/24/2010
FV HayBale Hay Bale 03/25/2010
FV PinkMiniBarn Mini-Pink Barn 03/26/2010
FV FVgirl FV Girl 03/28/2010
FV LonelyPig Pig 03/27/2010 ?

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