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Grandpa's Lost BBQ Ribs is a gift that you need your friends to help with. When finished, you get 8 servings each worth 100 coins in your gift box.

When asking friends for help, this message goes out:

(Someone) just found Grandpa's Finger Lickin' Lost Recipe!
(Someone) just stumbled across Grandpa's long lost Finger Lickin' BBQ Ribs recipe! This recipe hasn't seen the light of day in years, and calls for a whole barrel of rare Sweet Sassafrass! (Someone) needs her friends to help keep Grandpa's legacy alive!
Grandpa's Lost BBQ Ribs Gift Box Success
GrandpasLostFingerLockinBBQRibs Granpa's Lost BBQ RibsYou will get 8 servings per gift. GrandpasRibs-Big

Serving Dish Edit


Sending as a GiftEdit

Use this link to send 8 servings to a friend.

See also Edit

Grandma's Long Lost Apple Pie

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