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Alien CuisineEdit

American CuisineEdit

Ancient CuisineEdit

Anniversary DishesEdit

Note: Can also be found under their cuisine type.

Breakfast CuisineEdit

British CuisineEdit

Cafe Kiosk CuisineEdit

Chinese CuisineEdit

Dessert CuisineEdit

Fantasy CuisineEdit

Fast Food CuisineEdit

Filipino CuisineEdit

French CuisineEdit

Indian CuisineEdit

Irish CuisineEdit

Italian CuisineEdit

Japanese CuisineEdit

Mexican CuisineEdit

Pasta Maker CuisineEdit

Royal Shield CuisineEdit

Note: Currently shows cuisine as blank in cookbook.

Sandwich Counter CuisineEdit

Seafood CuisineEdit

Thai CuisineEdit

Vegetarian CuisineEdit

VIP CuisineEdit

Equipment Only CuisinesEdit

BBQ Grill CuisineEdit

Bread Oven CuisineEdit

Chocolate Station CuisineEdit

Deep Fryer CuisineEdit

Fondue Station CuisineEdit

Hot Dog Cart CuisineEdit

Pastry Station CuisineEdit

Pizza Oven CuisineEdit

Slow Cooker CuisineEdit

Soup Station CuisineEdit

Sushi Station CuisineEdit

Toaster Oven CuisineEdit

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