This space was initially called Mystery Spice but with the 3rd update to the Spice Rack it was renamed and the effects changed.

Starting outEdit

Once you complete your Spice Rack you will start with 3 Magic Spices.


Getting Magic SpiceEdit

Additional Magic Spices can be acquired as gifts from your neighbors.


Possible EffectsEdit

Any one of the following will happen:

  • Adds 20 more servings
  • Adds 30 more servings
  • Adds 100 more servings
  • Gain extra mastery points
  • Disallows spoiling from happening
  • Speeds cook time 1 hour
  • Speeds cook time 6 hours
  • Speeds cook time 12 hours
  • Makes a dish instantly ready
  • Adds 5 percent more servings
  • Adds 10 percent more servings
  • Adds 20 percent more servings
  • Adds 30 percent more servings
  • Adds 30 cafe points
  • Adds 100 cafe points

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