Click on two cards (one at a time) to turn them over. If they match, the cards remain uncovered. Once you have found all the pairs, the game is complete! The fewer flips needed to complete the game, the better the prize!

In order to play the Memory Game, a player must use three tickets.



Individual FlipsEdit

  • 6 Flips - 500 Cafe Cash!
  • 7 Flips - 4x Ultra Stove
  • 8 Flips - Quest Buster Premium spice.
  • 9 Flips - Random required part item from open goals.
  • 10 Flips - Random required food item from open goals.
  • +11 flips - 1 free ticket.

Each play of the Memory Game grants the player one play toward the Carnival Prize-O-Meter's prizes.

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