A completed spice rack requires the following items. As you complete each set of items for the rack, you will receive the indicated reward.
  Name Number


Spices-ShelfShelf5Café Item
Spices-Small JarSmall Jar51,000 Coin
Spices-Medium JarMedium Jar52,000 Coin
Spices-Large JarLarge Jar53,000 Coin
Spices-Jar LidsJar Lids105 Cash
Spice Rack
Spices-Complete Rack
The Spice Rack was introduced on February 14, 2010.

'Exotic Spices' were released on March 4, 2010.

'New Spices' were released on August 12, 2010.

The Spice Rack is found in the Windows section and does not need to be placed to use spices.

When the spice rack was introduced it also became possible to 'Spice' your Neighbors dishes. These actions do not use your own spices and will either provide a 10% bonus to servings or if the food is spoiled, salvage it.

Spices Edit

Spice Effects Starting












Megainstantthyme Makes dish instantly ready, get a quest part and get 3 extra mastery points. 6*
Masterymaestro Makes a dish instantly ready and get 3 extra mastery points. 6*
Questbuster Makes a dish instantly ready and get a quest part. 6*
Magicspice Mystery effect. Magic spice is only available as a gift from a neighbor. 3 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Instantthymeitem Makes dish instantly ready. 3 25 Cash 35 Cash 60Cash 95Cash 125Cash
Salvagesage Removes spoil from a dish. 3 9 Cash 14Cash 26Cash 48Cash 80Cash
Masterymint Gain one extra mastery point. 3** 20 Cash 30 Cash 50 Cash 70 Cash 90 Cash
12hrthyme Speeds cook time 12 hours. 3** 20 Cash 30 Cash 50 Cash 85 Cash 115Cash
6hrthyme Speeds cook time 6 hours. 3 12 Cash 20Cash 35 Cash 50 Cash 75 Cash
Onehourthyme Speeds cook time 1 hour. 3 9 Cash 12Cash 20 Cash 38 Cash 58 Cash
Supersalt Adds 5 percent more servings. 6 1800 Coin 3000 Coin 6000 Coin 15000 Coin 30000 Coin
Powerpepper Adds 10 percent more servings. 3 3600 Coin 6000 Coin 12000 Coin 30000 Coin 60000 Coin

    • = If you had the spice rack unlocked before the update that introduced these spices you get 0 to start with rather than 3.

Finding spices Edit

Starting on April 24, 2010, you can find spices while visiting neighbors' Cafes.

Spiceafriend loot found feedart2 300

(Someone) just found a (Spice Name) while helping out friends in Cafe World!

(Someone) just stopped by (Someone)'s cafe to help out in the kitchen by lending some spices, and stumbled upon a (Spice Name)! Such a helpful soul at heart, he/she wants to share one with his/her friends!

Spice Crates Edit

You can receive spice crates from friends.

Spiceafriend thank you feedart 300

(Someone) has a few extra spice crates to give out in Cafe World!

(Someone) just came across a big shipment of spices headed for Cafe World, and wants to share them with his/her friends! Some have premium spices inside!


(Someone) has got some fantastic friends!

While he/she was away from their kitchen (Someone) and 1 more friends stopped by and spiced his/her dishes! As a thank you, (Someone) wants all his/her friends to have a free spice shipment!

See AlsoEdit

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