Super Sliders
  Level Unlocked at 1       
  Cost 15 Coin  
  Servings 25 Employee  
  Price per Serving 4 Coin  
  Total for all Servings 100 Coin  
  Ready in 5 mins Cooktime  
  Preparation CP 6 Cafe points  
  Serving CP 4 Cafe points  
  Total CP 10 Cafe points  

The Super Sliders were only available for 48 hours from 11/17/09 to 11/19/09.

They were also available from July 2, 2010 to July 5, 2010.

They returned again on October 13, 2010.

They returned again in February, 2011.

Preparing the Dish Edit

Menu Step 1. Step 2. Step 3.
Supersliders SuperSliders-Prep1 SuperSliders-Prep2 SuperSliders-Prep3
Super Sliders Slice Tomatoes Dice Bacon Shape Patties

Cooking the Dish Edit

Stage 1. Stage 2. Stage 3. Finish! Spoiled!
SuperSliders-Stage1 SuperSliders-Stage2 SuperSliders-Stage3 SuperSliders-Completed
Grilling Patties Melting Cheese Toasting Bun Completed Dish Spoiled Dish

Serving the Dish Edit


Cooking Mastery Edit

Super Sliders Level1 Level2 Level3 Grand Total
Number 42 53 67 162
Coin 630 795 1,005 2,430
Time (dd hh:mm) 0 03:30 0 04:25 0 05:35 0 13:30
Cafe points 420 530 670 1,620
Reward +2 servings +1 Cafe points -0 00:01  


SuperSliders-Intro SuperSliders-CookedSuperSliders-ChefSpecial

Events Edit

Event State Gift
Taste test super sliders Taste Test SuperSliders-GiftBox
Chef special super sliders Chef Special

See also Edit

Super Sliders Special Gift

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