Premium super stoves will let you skip all the ingredient steps for lightening quick one-click cooking.

Free Super Stove

ONLY Members of the Cafe' World eMail Club received a FREE super stove on March 27, 2010.
Additional stoves can be purchased for 40 Cash each.

Build your own Super Stove

As of March 31st, 2010, you can BUILD the Super Stoves... just like the Wedding Cake. The power of your friends will help you finish it.
Starting on around April 15th, 2010, you can build a second Super Stove.


  Item Number needed

to build stove**

Cash needed to buy

a single part*

Build a stove computer chipComputer Chip81
Build a stove control knobControl Knob81
Build a stove grill ringGrill Ring81
Build a stove metal plateMetal Plate81
* Cash is required to buy every single individual part of the super stoves.
** Numbers of parts of each type needed to complete the super stove were reduced from 10 to 8 on Memorial day 2010.

See also Edit

Lightning Stove

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