All tables are functionally equivalent - there is no game difference between the $500 Simple Table and the $25,000 Glassy Dining. The only difference is appearance.

Customers sit and eat at tables.
  Name Cost Date Theme
Cash Coin
Jellyfish TableJellyfish Table2 04/23/10
Craps TableCraps Table 50,00004/08/10
Roulette TableRoulette Table4 04/08/10
Poker TablePoker Table3 04/08/10
Wafer TableWafer Table1 03/24/10
Crumble Cookie TableCrumble Cookie Table2 03/24/10
Green Block TableGreen Block Table2 03/11/10
Castle Table Castle Table 2 03/17/10
Four Leaf Clover TableFour Leaf Clover Table3 03/11/10
Tiki TableTiki Table3 03/04/10
Round Stone TableRound Stone Table3 02/25/10
Green Alien TableGreen Alien Table3 04/14/10¹
Red Alien TableRed Alien Table3 04/14/10¹
Square Ice TableSquare Ice Table4 
Fancy Golden TableclothFancy Golden Tablecloth5 
Red and Gold TableclothRed and Gold Tablecloth5 
Pool Table TablePool Table Table12 
Air Hockey TableAir Hockey Table12 
Foos TableFoos Table12 
Arcade TableArcade Table12 
Simple TableSimple Table 500
Orange Scandinavian TableOrange Scandinavian Table 750
Blue Scandinavian TableBlue Scandinavian Table 800
Mahogany TableMahogany Table 1,000
50s Table50s Table 1,000
Aegean TableAegean Table 1,000
Drive Thru TableDrive Thru Table 2,000
Ming TableMing Table 2,500
Ciao TableCiao Table 2,500
Dungeon TableDungeon Table 3,500
Pink Queen Anne TablePink Queen Anne Table 5,000
Bombay TableBombay Table 7,500
Giant Log Round TableGiant Log Round Table 8,00002/25/10
White Linen TableclothWhite Linen Tablecloth 8,000
Red & Round TableclothRed & Round Tablecloth 8,000
Elegant Oak TableElegant Oak Table 8,000
Football TableFootball Table 10,000
Purple and Brass TablePurple and Brass Table 14,500
Hearts TableHearts Table 15,000
Fancy Pink TableFancy Pink Table 15,000
Glassy DiningGlassy Dining 25,000
Emerald Mah Jong TableEmerald Mah Jong Table 25,000
Stone Games TableStone Games Table 27,000
Round Ice TableRound Ice Table 30,000
White and Gold TableclothWhite and Gold Tablecloth 40,000
Hover TableHover Table 50,00004/14/10¹
Spring TableSpring Table 20,000
Alien Egg TableAlien Egg Table2 04/14/10
Transparent TableTransparent Table4 04/14/10
Hover TableHover Table 50,00004/14/10
Black Marble TableBlack Marble Table2 05/06/10
Green Molded TableGreen Molded Table 12,00005/06/10
Kitchy Tile TableKitchy Tile Table2 05/13/10
Stainless and GlassStainless and Glass 45,00005/13/10
Golden Marble TableGolden Marble Table6 05/27/10
Studded Skull TableStudded Skull Table8 05/27/10
Glasstop Egyptian TableGlasstop Egyptian Table2 06/03/10
Tinker TableTinker Table2 06/16/10
Japanese Table Japanese Table 2 09/10/10 Japanese Theme Icon
Mexican Table Mexican Table 2 09/15/10 Mexican Theme Icon
Tray Table 2 09/29/10 Airport Theme Icon


¹ indicates that the item was reintroduced on the indicated date