Walls help establish the theme or mood of your cafe.
  Name Cost Date Theme
Cash Coin
Orange and Black Stripes Wall Orange and Black Stripes   FREE¹ 10/31/09
Cerulean Cerulean   15  
Simple Wall Simple Wall   15  
Blue Stripes Blue Stripes   15  
French Gray Wallpaper French Gray Wallpaper   20  
Island Ocean Wallpaper Island Ocean Wallpaper 1    
Underwater Wallpaper Underwater Wallpaper 1   3/18/2010
Eldritch Wall Eldritch Wall 1   3/18/2010
Forest Sunset Forest Sunset 1   3/18/2010
Castle Wall Sunset Castle Wall Sunset 1   3/18/2010
Orange Wall Orange Wall   25  
Stormy Stormy   25  
Burgundy Burgundy   30  
Lush Green Wallpaper Lush Green Wallpaper   30  
Pink Wallpaper Pink Wallpaper   35  
Cream Wall Cream Wall   40  
Drive Thru Wall Drive Thru Wall   45  
Electric Wallpaper Electric Wallpaper   50  
Flower Print Flower Print   75  
Monet Monet   100  
Bombay Arches Bombay Arches   250  
Bamboood Bamboood   350  
Thick Bamboo Thick Bamboo   400  
Orange Pumpkin Wallpaper Orange Pumpkin Wallpaper   500  
Black Pumpkin Wallpaper Black Pumpkin Wallpaper   500  
Bamboo Hut Wallpaper Bamboo Hut Wallpaper   500  
Dungeon Dungeon   500  
Exotic Wall Exotic Wall   550  
Dungeon Wall Dungeon Wall   600  
Powdered Wall Powdered Wall   700  
Vasarely Vasarely   750  
Warhol Disco Warhol Disco   1,000  
Smooth Brick Wall Smooth Brick Wall   1,200  
Cellar Wall Cellar Wall   1,250  
Ironsides Ironsides   1,500  
Light Stone Wall Light Stone Wall   1,750  
Stone Cave Wallpaper Stone Cave Wallpaper   2,000  
Spearmint Wallpaper Spearmint Wallpaper   2,500  
Peppermint Wallpaper Peppermint Wallpaper   3,000  
Snowy Mountains Snowy Mountains   3,000  
Ming Wall Ming Wall   4,000  
Spring Fling Flower Wallpaper Spring Fling Flower Wallpaper   4,000  
Shamrock Wallpaper Shamrock Wallpaper   4,500 03/01/10
High Frosty Mountains High Frosty Mountains   4,500  
City Skyline City Skyline   4,500  
Green Stripes Green Stripes   5,000  
Cheery Print Cheery Print   5,500  
Aegean Wall Aegean Wall   6,000  
Million Hearts Wallpaper Million Hearts Wallpaper   6,000  
Polka Stars Polka Stars   6,500  
Dark Hearts Wallpaper Dark Hearts Wallpaper   7,000  
Smooth Ciao Wall Smooth Ciao Wall   7,400  
Ciao Wall Ciao Wall   7,500  
Large Ciao Wall Large Ciao Wall   7,600  
Moroccan Wallpaper Moroccan Wallpaper   8,000  
Red Oak Wall Red Oak Wall   8,500  
Green Oak Wall Green Oak Wall   8,500  
Alpine Resort Alpine Resort   9,000  
Wafer WallpaperWafer Wallpaper 6,00003/24/10
Red Casino WallRed Casino Wall 4,00004/08/10
Blue Casino WallBlue Casino Wall1 04/08/10
Alien Pillar WallAlien Pillar Wall1 04/14/10
Martian Spacescape WallMartian Spacescape Wall1 04/14/10
Alien Imperial WallAlien Imperial Wall2 04/14/10
Void WallVoid Wall 4,75004/14/10
Robo WallRobo Wall 10,00004/14/10
Watery KingdomWatery Kingdom2 04/23/10
Spiral Shell WallSpiral Shell Wall 8,00004/23/10
Coral Sea WallCoral Sea Wall 12,00004/23/10
Blocky White WallpaperBlocky White Wallpaper  8,000 05/06/10
Light Streams WallpaperLight Streams Wallpaper1  05/06/10
Modern Color Dots WallpaperModern Color Dots Wallpaper   12,000 05/06/10
Wispy Woods WallpaperWispy Woods Wallpaper 1   05/06/10
Walnut WallpaperWalnut Wallpaper 1   05/13/10
Oven WallOven Wall 2   05/13/10
HellfireHellfire1 05/27/10
Palace WallPalace Wall 2,20005/27/10
Sky PalaceSky Palace2 05/27/10
Desert SunsetDesert Sunset1 06/03/10
Toy Blocks WallpaperToy Blocks Wallpaper 10,00006/16/10
Dusk Cityscape WallpaperDusk Cityscape Wallpaper2 06/18/10
Subway WallpaperSubway Wallpaper1 06/18/10
Slide Door Wall 1 09/10/10 Japanese Theme Icon
Adobe Wall 2 09/15/10 Mexican Theme Icon
Airplane Wall 1 9/29/10 Airport Theme Icon


¹ Halloween 2009 only

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